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Strike Score

Discover how well your content is performing. We analyze more than 100 data sets across YouTube, Facebook & Twitter to measure your channel’s success. Your Score updates daily - if it’s going up then your channel is improving; if not, well...


There are more than 500 years of YouTube videos watched on Facebook every day and 700+ YouTube videos tweeted out every minute. Find out where your videos were shared across YouTube, Facebook & Twitter and engage with those users. Keep the conversation going by replying, subscribing, friending, following and more.


Why spend time & resources creating compelling content if no one will see it? There are 1.7 million videos uploaded to YouTube every day, and our promotion services help you break through the clutter by advertising your videos. We offer site-by-site reporting and real-time analytics during your campaign.


Understand where your views are coming from. We follow your videos across the web and display valuable information in your dashboard. From there you can track the effectiveness of each video and discover who your biggest influencers are.