Strike Score

What’s a Strike Score?

Strike Score is an index that tells you how your whole channel is and has been performing.

Can other people see my Strike Score?

No, we don’t publish Strike Scores, it’s for you. Increasing your Strike Score means your channel is performing better than it was in the past. Of course you can share it if you want to.

Why does it take time to calculate my Strike Score?

Strike Score doesn’t just count views and channel subscribers to create an index. Strike goes back in time through 7 different API’s across YouTube, Google, Facebook and Twitter to develop your score. It is a true assessment of your overall channel. Please note: time to calculate is directly related to how big your channel is.

How is my Strike Score calculated?

We look at views, subscribers and comments and sentiment on YouTube.

How does Facebook and Twitter affect my Strike Score?

Adding Facebook and Twitter to your Strike Social account allows us to calculate Facebook and Twitter engagements and add this data to your Score. Strike will find posts, comments, tweets and retweets of your videos.

Managing Account

How do I sign in?

Sign in with the email address and password associated with your YouTube account.

Why do I need a YouTube account to sign in?

Strike Social is a social media technology platform designed to help YouTube channel owners analyze, identify and engage with their audience. If you don’t have a YouTube account this probably isn’t the right solution for you.

I’m an agency and don’t own the YouTube account how do I sign up/in?

You can sign up using the username and password associated with the YouTube account. If the account is already signed up, click the login button and enter the credentials for the YouTube account you wish to use.

Social Networks

Will you add more social networks to your platform?

Of course. Tell us which ones you’d like to see - click here to send us feedback

Which Facebook and Twitter account should I add to Strike Social?

You should add the Facebook and Twitter account associated with the channel. The account you add will be the account that responds to posts or tweets.

Can I delete my Facebook and Twitter account from Strike Social?

Yes of course.

I’m an agency, which Facebook and Twitter account should I use?

In this case, you probably don’t want to add your personal account so add the brand Facebook and Twitter accounts associated with the YouTube account. If there isn’t a dedicated Facebook and Twitter account for the channel, use the Facebook and Twitter account you would want to use to respond to posts, comments, tweets and retweets. You’ll need those account usernames and passwords and they have to be authenticated to allow you to comment.

Is my data shared with other channel owners or accounts?

No, and we take this very seriously.

Why is it free

Why is this free?

Good question. We will add freemium solutions at some point but what you see currently is completely free to use.

How can I trust that you’ll be able to continue to support the technology?

Well, we are a start-up company but we have much bigger monetization plans than nickel and diming people for dashboard technology. We want you to continue to do what you’re good at: creating compelling YouTube content. We can’t talk about our future plans yet but look for a big technology release and announcement in November. If you’re a content creator, brand or agency you’re going to love it - stay tuned!

Why is this free for brand and agencies?

It free to use for everyone however, Strike Social is chock-full of YouTube marketing experts and we hope to earn your online video promotion business. Check out the promotion section of our website here or talk to us by clicking here.

I would really like to see some additional data or features. How do I make these requests?

We’d love to hear from you. Please let us know what features you’d like to see and we’ll try to add them to the dashboard. Email us at