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Programmatically Target Your Audience on YouTube

Build your perfect, tailored media plain in order to contextually target your audience by selection channels, videos and keywords

Contagious Index

The Contagious Index identifies content performance so advertisers can allocate budget to the best-performing videos in real time.

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Social Listening

Discover where your viewers are sharing your content across the social web and what they're saying about your brand.

Audience Analysis

Strike's platform tracks every major brand channel to inform advertisers how much every brand is spending, what content they're promoting and the performance of those campaigns.

Discover your Brands Audience

Enterprise Media Buying

Strike’s AdWords-Certified global buying team provides 24/7 campaign optimization.

Efficient Results

Our platform provides contextually-relevant placements, keywords and targeting to eliminate waste, reduce cost and increase performance.

Campaign Data Storage

Placement, keyword and targeting group performance are analyzed and stored for consistent improvement across campaigns.

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